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Our history

Earl Friedrich Ernst of Solms-Laubach took over the

shire after the death of his father in 1696.

His mother Benigna, 48 years old at the time, bought

a small estate from her inheritance, the Flensunger Hof,

where she liked to stay.

The hotel and inn Flensunger Hof was purchased by

the Chrischona-Werk in 1921 for their work in the state

of Hesse as a place for preparation and refreshment. 

In the eventful following years during WWII it was seized and used as a children’s home and a hospital.

After the end of the war the CGW used the house as a bible- and recreation home.

Geschichte Flensunger Hof.jpg
ca. 1935 Flensunger-Hof.jpg
ca. 1957 FlensungerHofLuftbild.jpg
Einweihnung Flensunger Hof 1923.jpeg


Die Grundsteinlegung erfolgte am 24.03.1974. Schon 1975 wird auf den Ländereien in direkter Nachbarschaft zum Flensunger Hof das EC-Freizeitdorf als Bildungs- und Erholungsstätte des EC-Landesverbandes Oberhessen-Saar (EC = „Entschieden für Christus“) in Betrieb genommen.1980 kann als zweiter Bauabschnitt das Haupthaus (Mehrzweckhaus) mit Gruppenräumen, Speisesaal, Küche, Schwimmbad, Sauna und den Wohnbereichen für den Heimleiter und die Zivildienstleistenden eingeweiht werden.


The Flensunger Hof conference and leisure center

In 1992 the two companies were brought together as a seminar and conference center under the new concept “EC Leisure Village Flensunger Hof”.


Construction of the multi-purpose hall

1997 Construction of the multi-purpose hall. The large hall can be used in a variety of ways:

  • as a conference room for larger groups

  • for sports and games in all weather conditions for our guests

  • for large events and concerts, the hall can accommodate up to 900 people

  • eg at the EC Camp, EC Jungschartag, OMF Mission Festival

Halle fertig.jpg

Construction of the bungalows / redesign of the only roof houses

The Nurdachhäuser are redesigned as a chapel, as a workshop and craft house, as a table tennis house and one becomes a playground house. A Nurdachhaus remains as a "museum house" for nostalgics and is still in operation: "As it used to be!"

In 2003 and 2005 the previous "Nurdachhäuser" (which had been vigorously revitalized in the 30 years and had in the meantime become in need of renovation) were replaced by 6 new bungalows each with 12 people.

2004 Abbruch Haus1.jpg
2002 Reining-Dach.jpg
2004 Bodenplatte.jpg

Renewal of the roof of the half-timbered house

In autumn 2010, the entire roof structure of the half-timbered house, which is under monument protection, was heavily renovated due to storm and age damage.

2010 Fachwerkhaus.jpg
Anbau Gelände.jpg
Gruppenraum Deutschland.jpg
Foyer Flur.jpg
Foyer Eingangsbereich.jpg
Bodenplatte Anbau.jpg

Extension of the multi-purpose hall (forum)

Construction of the multi-purpose hall started in July 2013. In 2014, an extension was inaugurated, which offers space for a 185 sqm group room, a kitchen, a storage room, toilets and a foyer.

Takeover of all land and buildings

In 2018, the ownership and ownership structure will be unbundled with the Chrischona community work and all properties, as well as the seminar and half-timbered house will be transferred to the association EC-Freizeitdorf Flensunger Hof eV on 01.01.2019.

Übersicht Gelände 2018.jpg

Renovation of the playgrounds and the climbing tower project

Various playground equipment was rebuilt between 2017 and 2019. In addition to the spinning top Supernova, the new chess field in the park, the play tower with a double swing, seesaw and sandpit in the park, the horizontal bars, another double swing and the conversion of an old only roof house into a man-annoying-you-not-and-chess playing field, the jumping mat was also made of the floor trampoline renewed and sand filled up in the beach volleyball field. With the over 8m high "climbing tower at the center" and the climbing tipi on the campsite , our facility offers very attractive, new highlights!

Schachfeld im Park
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