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FSJ on the Flensunger Hof


You are about to finish school?
You have completed your training and wonder what the next step in your life could be?

Invest one year for God at the Freizeitdorf Flensunger Hof in Mücke. 

In this year you will

  • meet lots of people

  • learn a lot about yourself

  • get closer to God

  • experience the CE youth ministry!

We offer the opportunity to shape a youth- or teen ministry and to profit from personal guidance. A special year for God awaits you! 


An FSJ is a great opportunity to try new things and learn how to deal with your strengths and weaknesses and to take Gods promise for your life seriously: HE is with you and uses and enables you.  

So: dare to do something new, learn to trust and give love. 

We want you if you are ready to take on new challenges with Gods help.

Do you feel like contributing your gifts and skills at Flensunger Hof for 12 months? Are you motivated by discovering new sides and talents of yourself?

Then say „yes“ to a Voluntary Year of Social Service with us and invest a year for God at the Flensunger Hof!

Click here for the application form! Just fill it out and send it to us:


by post to:

Flensunger Hof eV

At Flensunger Hof 11

35325 mosquito


by email to:

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